Customer, "I am too busy right now."

It is the oldest excuse in the book.  You call your customer about a new product or service and they politely, (if they don’t cut you off immediately), tell you it sounds good but they are too busy right now to take on something else.

We have all had it happen to us.  What do you say when a customer or client tells you they are too busy right now?  To many times the inexperienced salesperson replies back with something like “OK, I understand, give me a call when you are ready.”   At that time your customer is relieved.  He got you off the phone or out of his office.  That was his intent when he told you he was too busy right now.  Don’t get me wrong, there are times the customer or client is too busy but that is rare.

What the salesperson should have done is ask some questions.  “It is great that you are so busy but are you really too busy to make more money?” or “I totally understand, I know you will want to hear about the new product or service and how it will help your company grow or make more money.  When would you like me to call back?  Would later today be better or tomorrow?”

I guarantee you that unless their building is on fire or they are in the middle of some type of crisis, every customer has time to hear about a product or service that will improve their company, their personal life or their profits and add value to themselves or their company.

Selling always has been and always will be a “Value Proposition”.  What you have to offer has to be of value or add value to the person you are presenting to. If you don’t ask questions about when would be a good time to present that value then you are telling the customer that they are right and that what you have to sell isn’t worth their time and they really are too busy to hear your presentation

The customer can sense your commitment and passion about helping them. If they sense you are just calling them for an order or to “Sell” them something, they don’t want to hear it.  If they feel that you are truly helping them and adding value to them then they will be happy to listen to your presentation no matter how busy they are.

The TOP PERFORMING Sales People know how to sell with passion.  Top Performing sales people understand how to overcome objections or challenges and they understand the power of asking questions.

Are you ready to become a Top Performer or are you “Too Busy” to grow your personal and sales teams skills?

I have been teaching and coaching Top Performers for over 20 years. If you are ready to take your Sales Team or your own sales performance to the next level please contact me.

 Jeff Raver, President, Begin to Win.    

John Maxwell Certified Coach and Speaker