God gave us our strengths and weaknesses.

As a leader we all have strengths and weaknesses.  I believe God gave us both for a reason.

I believe God gave us our strengths so that we may use them to help others and to add value to the groups we belong to and are associated with.  Every company and group needs Thinkers, Planners, Starters, Speakers, Motivators, Skilled Laborers, Dreamers, and more.


As a Leader it is our responsibility to examine our strengths and weaknesses and to build a team of people who bring all of the needed strengths together.  That team will truly become a Top Performing Team as long as each one is allowed to contribute their strengths to the overall success of the company or group.

It is our responsibility as a Leader to use our strengths in a way to lead others to be successful and to help them realize their individual strengths.  As a Leader we must be thankful for other’s strengths and be wise enough to use those strengths to make our company and organization better.

I believe God gave us each weaknesses so that we may have room to grow.  If we didn’t have any weaknesses we would have no need to grow and thus we would become bored and complacent.  It is our responsibility as a Leader to recognize our weaknesses and to develop a plan to grow and to develop those weaknesses to become a better Leader. Once we recognize our weaknesses, we must be intentional in developing a plan to grow.  Once we have a plan written down to grow and to work on our weaknesses we will have begun the journey to become better Leaders. Once we become better Leaders, our companies and organizations will become Top Performers.

I believe God also gave us our weaknesses so that we will realize that we can’t do it all ourselves. Once we realize our weaknesses we will begin to associate with and reach out to those who have strengths where we are weak.  In associating with those people we will be adding, not only to our value but also to their value.

I believe to be happy, content, and confident we must share our strengths with others and admit our weaknesses.  If we do that we will become Top Performers and we will become Great Leaders.  If we become a Top Performer and a great Leader, then and only then will our companies and organizations become successful.


Jeff Raver is a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Coach and Trainer and has been training and coaching Top Performers for over 20 years.

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