Sales Processes Produce Predictable, Repeatable Results

Sales People and Sales Companies that are consistently Top Performers understand that developing a good Sales Process will produce Predictable-Repeatable Results and those results are Increased Sales, Increased Revenue, and Increased Profits. 

For the past 20 years I have started my Sales Training Seminars sharing with the participants that “If you build good habits, plan, then execute, you will succeed.” and “No planning and no execution = Failure.”  I then add that choosing to not have a plan is really developing a Plan to Fail.

The same is true about a Sales Process. The Top Performing Salespeople and Sales Companies develop a Sales Process so that they can achieve Predictable – Repeatable Results.  Those results are Increased Sales, Increased Revenue, and Increased Profits.  

Salespeople and Sales Companies with no documented Sales Process also get Predictable – Repeatable results.  Those results are consistently up and down cycles in sales and revenue.  They also have a continuous turnover in salespeople which means they find themselves consistently hiring and training, and repeating the process over and over. 


Top Performers develop Sales Processes that are documented and followed step by step, beginning from the time marketing creates a lead, the lead becomes a prospect, the prospect is prequalified and becomes a potential customer, the potential customer is given a prepared presentation that is personalized to show the value of the product or service to the customer, any objections are overcome so that the customer says yes. Then the process documents how to place the order and finishes with following up with the customer after the sale to make sure they become a long term customer, producing not only revenue but increased sales through a referral program. These Sales Processes produce Increased Sales, Increased Revenues and Increased Profits that are Predictable and Repeatable which translates to well trained, successful salespeople who stay with the company because they understand that if they follow the Sales Process they will be successful.

A Sales Process is developed based on the Salesperson or Sales Teams CPSI, their Sales Ratio of Contacts to Presentations, to Sales, to Income.


Every Top Performer understands that there are a limited number of actions that will produce the maximum amount of success which is ultimately gaining a sale.  They build the Sales Process around those actions. Top Performer Salespeople and Sales Companies develop Top Performer Sales Processes because they want to create Increased Sales, Increased Revenue and Increased Profits Predictably and Repeatedly.

Your Sales Process or lack of a Sales Process is creating Predictable-Repeatable Results.  Are they the results you want?

 Jeff Raver is a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Coach and Trainer and has been training and coaching Top Performers for over 20 years.

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