You Have an Undefeated Record Of Surviving Challenges

Are you stressed? Worried? Upset?  Well, you shouldn’t be.  Do you realize what your track record is of surviving every challenge you have ever faced?  You are undefeated.  That’s right, you have survived every challenge that you have ever been presented with.  If you are alive and reading this then you survived and that means you are undefeated.

Facing problems is scary.  We stress, worry, get upset and let those problems affect our lives.  If we realize that we have survived every previous problem we have ever faced then we will look at each one differently.  If we look at our past and the problems we faced we will realize that we always made them worse than they really were.  At the times we faced them, we probably imagined the worse case scenario.  We then began preparing for the worst.  We actually began planning to Not Survive The Problem.  But we did survive.

Somewhere between realizing the pending problem and it actually happening we were living in fear.  What is fear?  FEAR usually stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear can stop us from thinking clearly.  Fear will affect the way we treat our family, friends and co-workers.  Fear can be so bad that it affects our health.  But once we get past the fear we begin to think more clearly and we begin to change the label from it being a problem to a challenge.  Challenges are something we understand that overcoming them will make us stronger. 

What ever you are facing right now that has you upset, worried, or stressed is really another challenge.  We need to take a deep breath and let our past experiences help us figure out how to handle the challenge and how we will survive one more time. Every challenge we have ever faced has helped prepare us to overcome the next one.  We have to realize that we are capable of figuring it out and making a plan to overcome that challenge.

What problem, challenge are you facing today? Push the fear of the unknown aside and realize that you have survived 100% of every challenge you have faced so far.  Take the time to write down what you are facing, how it will affect you and what can you do to minimize it.  Quit reacting to your challenge and begin responding to it.  Whether it is a professional challenge, a health challenge or a personal relationship challenge, there is an answer and the odds are highly in your favor that you will survive it.

You are undefeated and you need to remember that and face every challenge as a winner.  You are more than a survivor, you are a champion at overcoming and surviving challenge.  Think like a champion and the answers will come to you.  We attract what we think about.  If we think about the negatives then we will attract fear.  If we think about solutions and being successful at overcoming our challenges then we will attract answers and solutions.  

Quit stressing, quit worrying and quit living in fear of what may happen.  You can handle it.  You have handled every other challenge and you are undefeated.

Jeff Raver is a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Coach and Trainer and has been training and coaching Top Performers for over 20 years.

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