This is disturbing! Poor Leadership Skills Hurt Employees

It is disturbing!

For years I have posted inspirational and motivational quotes and images on social media. In the past few months I have noticed something very disturbing. The posts that get the most response are those that relate to the way bosses or leaders treat employees. I have received private messages, texts, and emails from friends and even people I don’t know who express their feelings about the way they are treated by their employer or supervisor. I also receive feedback from others who agree with the posts and express their gratitude of working for an employer or having a supervisor who treats them well.

Stephen R. Covey , Author writes, “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”Unfortunately many times that doesn’t happen. Your employees are your greatest asset. You invest a lot of money and time in training and preparing your employees to do the job you have hired them for. They are usually your first and last contact with your customers. If they are unhappy, your customers will know it. As salespeople we know that people buy from people they “Like, believe, and trust”. If your customer gets the feeling that you don’t treat your employees with respect or that you don’t value them, they won’t like you and if they don’t like you, they won’t do business with you.

I recently had lunch with another business consultant and he was telling me about a company that turned itself around when they began treating all of their employees as if they were their greatest asset. He said the company made a corporate decision to get involved in knowing their employees and getting involved in providing them a place to feel wanted, needed, and a place to grow. He went on to say that from that day the company began growing and prospering. The company executives understood that by taking care of their employees they were taking care of their business.

As leaders it is our responsibility to provide our employees with not only a paycheck but also an opportunity to feel valued and the opportunity to grow. Bob Nelson says“People may take a job for more money, but they often leave it for more recognition.” A simple, meaningful “Thank you” as you pass in the halls means a lot more than a “Thank you card every quarter for helping the company reach their goals. “Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.” says Margaret Cousins.

I personally have been on all sides of the situation. I have been a boss (notice I didn’t say leader because there were times I didn’t show the appreciation to my employees like I should have), I have been a leader, where I genuinely let my employees understand how much I cared for them, and I have worked for “leaders” who appreciated me as a valued employee and I have worked for “bosses” who didn’t value me.

We all need to feel appreciated. Our employees and coworkers need to feel appreciated. It is a necessary need for all men and women to feel appreciated. Leaders understand this need and strive daily to fill that need. True leaders recognize the value of their employees.

As I continue to study the John Maxwell 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, I now understand why I receive the highest response on my posts about how employees are treated. I look forward to mentoring and coaching others to becoming the leaders they want to be and the leaders their employees and coworkers want them to be. Take some time this weekend and in the next few days to review your leadership skills. Are you a leader or just a boss? If you aren’t sure contact me, I would love to talk to you.

Jeff Raver is a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Coach and Trainer and the creator of The Sales Simulator Formula and has been training and coaching Top Performers for over 25 years.

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