Change is Inevitable

This morning I am sitting in my office looking out the window at the lake. A week ago it was frozen and there was nothing happening on the lake. It had remained frozen for weeks and it looked the same every day. It was totally void of any activity. Today it is completely thawed and it is alive. There are lots of gulls flying around and fishing, there are a pair of eagles that have returned to fish the lake, a red tailed hawk continues to fly in and out over the lake as well as numerous ducks and geese. The lake has changed, and life around it has changed.

Change is inevitable. Life changes, we change, and our business changes. To change is to grow. If there is no change, things become stagnant, quiet, void of activity. Many people and businesses fear change. They prefer that everything just stay the same. They are in their comfort zone and they don’t want to leave it.

Growth is uncomfortable because it forces us to move out of our comfort zone.Are you growing or are you just trying to stay in your own comfort zone? Do you fear change? Do you fear growth? Zig Ziglar said “FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.” But if it appears real it can cripple us. Have you ever awakened from a bad dream and found yourself sweating, your heart beating fast and shaking from head to toe. Whatever was happening in the dream was false but it appeared real thus it affected us as if it was real. To grow, we must overcome the FEAR of Change.

I have always loved change. Change is exciting and moving. To grow we must accept change and change ourselves. Change forces us to think differently, act differently, and ask different questions in search of new answers. People and companies that are growing embrace change. Change is not something to fear. It is something that we should understand is essential to our growth.

Are you ready to overcome your FEAR of Change? If so you are ready to grow. Just like the lake has changed this week, you will change and you will grow. Get out of your comfort zone, chase your dreams, try something different, do something you have always wanted to do. To change is to grow, and to grow, is to live.

I am excited as I enter a new chapter of my life and career as a Personal Coach, Sales Consultant, and Keynote Speaker. I have spent hours the past few weeks studying and learning The John Maxwell TEAM materials and in that short time, I have grown. I am learning new things about leading others through change and in that learning, I am changing. I am growing and I love it. If you are interested in growing and getting out of your comfort zone, contact me. Change is inevitable so you may as well prepare for it.

Jeff Raver is a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Coach and Trainer and the creator of The Sales Simulator Formula and has been training and coaching Top Performers for over 25 years.

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