What was he thinking?

Today was the big one, the Race of races, this is the one all race fans dream about. Today was the championship and the driver on the pole had it all going for him. He had the fastest car, the most powerful engine, the most experience driving, by everyone’s standards he was The Best. As the green flag dropped he didn’t disappoint anyone taking the lead and extending it lap after lap for the first 60 laps. Then it happened, the caution came out and it was time to pit for fuel and new tires. The Best pulled into the pits with a 45 second lead but left the pits in last place 15 minutes later. What happened, as The Best reached his area he climbed out of the car and crawled over the wall to get the fuel can, after fueling the car he began jacking the car up and changing the tires one by one himself. 15 minutes later he climbed back in the car and joined the race but the race was now over for him.

What was he thinking? He had the best car, the best starting position, the most experience. He was the man to beat but he never stood a chance because he tried to do it all himself. Instead of letting the pit crew take care of refueling the car and the tire guys change his tires, The Best driver in the world had to do it all himself and because of that he never got the opportunity to do what he does best. The 15 minutes he spent in the pits should have been spent driving. What was he thinking?

After 18 years of working with and training sales people, I see it nearly everyday. A retailer or sales manager gets into the business because they are an excellent salesperson with the skills and experience to be The Best. Before too long The Best are now spending most of their time answering service questions on the phone, answering emails, ordering equipment, scheduling the installs, creating ads, etc. They knows their company gets paid when they complete sales, they know that their employees and their family is counting on them to do what they do best and that is Sell. What are they thinking?

I challenge every retailer and sales manager to take a look at their average day and figure out how much time they spend actually selling vs. the time they spend being “busy”. Most salespeople and owners tell me they probably spend 10-20% of their day actually selling. They also agree that 90% or more of their income is earned in that 10-20% of their day. Imagine what would happen to their income if they spent just 40-60% of their day selling? We all have other things to do but are we spending too much time doing the things that don’t actually make us money when we are The Best at selling? Are we spending the day being busy, busy, busy or are we selling? Selling is what allows us to retire; busy, busy, busy, just makes us tired. Could we get an installer to schedule installs? Could we hire someone to take care of paperwork and answering the phone? What if we had more time each day to do what we are the best at which is selling? What if we made more money? Why do we try to do it all ourselves? What are we thinking?

Jeff Raver has been training sales people for over 20 years. Jeff has trained 1000’s of salespeople and retailers keying in on sales basics. Jeff has presented his selling techniques at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and to many other National and Regional Shows. Jeff’s sales articles have been printed nationally. Jeff understands that 20% of all salespeople make 80% of all sales and Jeff teaches the 80% what the 20% already know. Jeff presents selling in a Simple, easy to understand manner.

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Jeff Raver is a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Coach and Trainer and the creator of The Sales Simulator Formula and has been training and coaching Top Performers for over 25 years.

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