Earning Sweat Equity In Yourself

What is sweat equity?

sweat eq·ui·ty noun NORTH AMERICAN informal   an interest or increased value in a property earned from labor toward upkeep or restoration.

Most of us understand sweat equity.  Sweat Equity means rolling up our shirt sleeves and doing something and expecting to receive something other than money in return. If we contribute hours or labor to a company in return for shares of stock in that company then we are earning sweat equity. In contributing our skills increases the value of the company then we expect a return on that investment, and if not money, then we expect to receive sweat equity.

Habitat for Humanity  uses the term “sweat equity” to refer to the hours of labor their homeowners dedicate to building their homes and the homes of their neighbors, as well as the time they spend investing in their own self-improvement. Habitat homeowners begin their sweat equity after being accepted into the program, and they must complete a minimum of 400 hours before they can move into their homes.

If we understand the term Return On Investment “ROI” then we should understand the ROI on investing in our own personal growth.  If we intend to be Top Performers, then we must be willing to put in the sweat equity to achieve that growth.  Am I saying we must do “manual labor” and “sweat” to grow personally and professionally?  No , but we must be willing to get out of our comfort zone, to stretch ourselves and to invest in doing things that will aid our personal and professional growth .  Investing in our personal and professional growth may mean not doing some things that we enjoy.  We may have to play less golf, take less vacations, be away from our families a few more days a year but investing sweat equity in ourselves will add value to ourselves.  It will restore our mental attitude which will mean our families will enjoy us more.  We will be better leaders to those around us when we invest in ourselves.

Top Performers and Top Leaders understand that when they do the things needed to grow personally and financially they will gain value (Equity) in themselves.  Top Performers and Top Leaders practice their skills daily, they read books, they attend seminars, they get the proper rest and sleep, they eat correctly, they have mentors and coaches.  Top Performers and Top Leaders are willing to do more than the average person is willing to do.

What are you doing daily, weekly, monthly to invest in your personal growth.  To have a plan to grow personally and professionally is to “Live Intentionally.” 

If you invest sweat equity in yourself you will increase the value of yourself.  Top Performers understand that they must never stop growing and investing in their growth and they are intentional in living to grow every day.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Are you tired of seeing others get the promotions you wanted? Are you ready to put in the “Sweat Equity” to get what you want and where you want to be? If so, do something today to start that process.  It doesn’t have to be big but you do have to “Begin”.  Begin to Win Today.

I am not saying it will be easy, but I know it will be worth it. 

Top Performers see their Untapped Potential and they are willing to put in the Sweat Equity to achieve that potential.  Top Performers live every day with the intention of becoming all they are destined to be.

Jeff Raver is a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Coach and Trainer and has been training and coaching Top Performers for over 20 years.

 If you are ready to lift your Leadership Lid and become a Top Performer contact Jeff at Jeff.Raver@BeginToWinNow.com for a FREE Consultation.