7 Things Your Customer Wants You to Know

Are you listening to your customer?  Are you really listening?

Here are 7 things your customer wants you to know.

  1. They really want to know you care about what they need.  Theodore Roosevelt said, “People really don’t care what you know, until they know you care.”  Before you start telling them everything your product or service will do, you should first ask the customer questions to see what their needs are.  The best way for them to know you care is to ask questions.  You should act more as a consultant than a salesperson.
  2. They want to be treated as a customer the way you want to be treated as a customer. The Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It is really pretty simple.  Every salesperson is a customer daily, weekly, monthly.  How do you want to be treated when you are a customer calling for service or going into a store. If you treat your customer the same way you will make more sales.
  3. They really don’t care about all of those cool features you are trying to sell them.  They really want to know how your product or service will benefit them. OK, so  your widget has 14 different settings and 12 different attachments. The customer really only needs a few of those.  Ask questions to determine what the customers needs are and then explain the settings and features that pertain to solving their needs.  That is what they are shopping for.
  4. They really don’t want to hear about your referral program.  If you start telling them about what you are going to give them or do for them if they give referrals then they feel you don’t trust your product or service and reputation to get you referrals.  If you treat them fairly they will voluntarily tell their friends and relatives about your product or services. Everyone knows that a satisfied customer is your best salesperson.
  5. They really don’t want to hear about all of the discounts you can give them.  Please tell them the end price they will paying for your products or services. “Price” is secondary to “Value”  “The sour taste of poor service long outlasts the sweet taste of a good price” and your customer knows that.  If they were worried strictly about price they would go to “The Web”, and order it at the lowest price.
  6. They really don’t want to sign a 2 year contract to get your service.  If you provide a good service at a fair price, they are going to stay much longer than that any way.  I personally have had Verizon Mobile Phone Service for over 25 years because they have great customer service and take care of my challenges when they arise. I have had State Farm Insurance for over 25 years because my agent makes sure I am covered for what I need and doesn’t keep trying to add things I don’t need. I bought my last 6 cars from the same Chrysler dealer because they took good care of me and provided great service after the sale.
  7. They already want to do business with you so you don’t have to tell them all of the great reasons they should do business with you.  If they didn’t want to do business with you they wouldn’t be calling you or coming in to your store.  If they have questions about your company they will ask them.

Take a good look at your “Sales Presentation” and your “Sales Training”.  Are you spending most of your time on selling your product, service or the reason to do business with your company rather than discovering the customer’s needs and filling those needs?  If so it is time to change your presentation and training.

Jeff Raver, Certified John Maxwell Trainer and Speaker has been training Top Performers for over 20 years. If your Sales and your Sales Team are not where you would like, then contact Begin To Win at Jeff.Raver@BeginToWinNow.com for a free consultation.